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Solidarity and innovation

Free hosting service without ad and web applications.


Our non-profit organization is open-source, available to everyone and our services are ad-free.


We provide the latest technologies, focusing on the quality and the availability of the services.


All of our source codes are open source and released on Github. A powerful API and many other tools are available for developers.


PHP applications and services

For more than eight years now, Olympe organization provides an ad-free web hosting service. At the very beginning, we used a single basic offer with PHP/MySQL only. Then, our team increased the platform's capability and now we propose many other technologies (PostgreSQL, MongoDB...).

We also provide a full domain names management (subdomains, DNS records...), POP/IMAP mail accounts (redirections, aliases...), and more. Try it, you will love it.


Extended features

Beginners, just like our experienced users, will appreciate the CMS automatic installer which is available in Olympe. With a few clicks, you can easily install from your panel the CMS of your choice: Wordpress, Joomla, etc.

Our platform is fully self-funded and maintained by a volunteer team. You are welcome to help us raise funds for the project and participate in the charges. For any questions or if you wish to help, please contact us. Our team will be pleased to greet you.

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